Safety switch supplied & installed from $190.00+GST

What does the law say?

All domestic installations must have as a minimum, one safety switch in the electrical switchboard, also called a RCD (residual current device). The safety switch detects leakage of current to earth and interrupts the supply.

All new homes must have safety switches protecting all power points. Before any electrical rewiring can be carried out on a home, a safety switch must be installed.

The laws vary slightly from state to state. See below for details

1) Installing an RCD will help prevent electric shock

2) The RCD can detect faulty dangerous appliances

3) Your RCD can pick up faulty wiring

4) An RCD can detect water in your electrical system

5) By wiring in an RCD it can help prevent electrical fires and damage to your property

6) All homes must be fitted with at least 2 RCD’s to comply with new laws

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